Vertical Blind Slip Covers

Blinds of Beauty is a unique company that specializes in slip covers for your vertical blinds. Blinds of Beauty will change the look of any room going from bland and boring vertical blinds into true Blinds of Beauty.

Blinds of Beauty vertical blind slip covers are easily installed by slipping the slip covers over each existing vertical blind, dramatically changing the look of each and every room that they are placed into. With these installed there is no more hassle with dirty, noisy, bland vertical blinds. With sticky hands or wet noses leave vertical blinds dirty throw them in the wash and washing them helps relieve allergy sufferer.

Our Mission:

Establish Blinds of Beauty™ as the premier home and office beautifying Products Company on the market with new inspiring innovations and ideas.

Inspire people to beautify their spaces into works of beauty – one window at a time.

Our Products:

It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We’re passionate about providing the highest quality of goods to our customers ensuring their happiness and satisfaction. Our products are made in house ensuring quality and providing well-paying jobs to our local community.

Vertical Blinds Slip Covers

Our Associates

We’re associates who work to make the best products out there. We all have the opportunity to move through the ranks, provide feedback to improve our workspaces and our products. Together, we embrace diversity to create a place each of us can be ourselves, while enjoying our working life together.

Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is one of our core principals. We believe that we are not just making wonderful products for people to enjoy but making the world a better place by treating everyone with respect and kindness.

Our World

We believe that we are all one and responsible to help understand and support each other; whether they are our employees, the person living next door, or on the other side of the planet. We believe in responsible stewardship, taking care of all living creatures inhabiting our beautiful planet.

Vertical Blind Slip Covers ™ were created for the love of a daughter. When my daughter was in her early teens she got a rare illness that causes her to be insevere pain all day, every day. When treatmentsstarted she would come home in even more pain, unable to participate in everyday life.

She would spend most of her time in her room trying to sleep, but between the pain, and the heat streaming through her window, sleep was elusive. With the only coverings for her window being a set of vertical blinds, which did little to block the heat, I came up with the idea for Vertical Blind Slip Covers ™.

I made them, put them up, and they allowed her room to cool down so that the heat wouldn't bother her anymore.After noticing how many other people were having the same problems with vertical blinds, I thought I would turn it into a business.

I wanted to give others the chance to love their vertical blinds, and make them more functional and beautiful than they were ever intended to be. With our plan hatched to turn Vertical Blind Slip Covers ™ into a business, we started saving and seeking investments to start our company. It took a few years, but we got there in the end and launched Blinds of Beauty in the US and Canada via our website We wanted to support our community and help people feel wanted, respected, and supported. We have done that through the company by giving people a good job, fair wage, and by giving back to local charities through donations and volunteer work.

Along the way we have learned a great deal about our product, customers, and employees. We strive, every day, to create a work environment our employees are excited to be at, and a product our customers love. We enjoy what we do, and are always trying to improve our processes and create the best product we can.

Meet The Blinds of Beauty Staff

Gloria aka Ruby

Ms. Ruby

Zach aka Walter

Mr. Walter

Logan aka Lunay

Ms. Luna

What color do you like?

vertical blinds slip covers

Prospectors Golden Nugget

vertical blinds slip covers

Moody Blue Hyacinth

vertical blinds slip covers

Smoldering Burnt Wood

vertical blinds slip covers

Lovely Lipstick Red

vertical blinds slip covers

Subdued Orange Sunset

vertical blinds slip covers

Fresh Washed Linen

vertical blinds slip covers

Rich Warm Nutmeg

vertical blinds slip covers

Enchanted Forest Green

vertical blinds slip covers

Soft Lavender Fields

vertical blinds slip covers

Flamboyant Purple Orchid

vertical blinds slip covers

Shimmering Almond Dream

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