Measurement and installation

Measurement of Vertical Blinds

Each window will require a different length of the installed vertical to meet the windows needs, while the width of the blinds all remaining the same. You will need to simply take a tape measure to measure your vertical blinds from the top of one of your vertical blind slat to the bottom of the blind. The vertical blinds will vary within an inch; we measure here at Blinds of Beauty a full inch to completely cover your vertical blinds. If you have any questions you can contact us here either by phone or through are email at

Instruction of Installation of Blinds of Beauty Vertical Blind Slip Cover

Don’t be afraid, it is super easy to do.

When placing your Blinds of Beauty vertical blind slip cover you will need to get as close as possible to the top of the vertical blinds so that you can see the hook holding the vertical blind slat in place. (If you do not get close to the top of your blinds when removing the vertical blinds you run the risk of breaking the clip that holds your blinds in place.) Take the vertical blind slat in one hand holding near the top. Push the vertical blind slat up to where the hook is now on solid plastic. Pull the vertical blind slat to the side to where the hook will not catch on the hole when you pull down. Now pull the vertical blind slat.

Now that the vertical blind slat is off the apparatus, lay the panel on the floor while holding the top end of the panel where the hole is. Take the vertical blind slip cover with the open end; slide the vertical blind slat into the slip cover. (The fabric will cover the hole at the top but the clip will still be able hold the vertical blind in place.)

Once you have all your vertical blind slats covered hold the vertical blind at the top and gently push the blind back into place where the clip is holding the vertical blind slats up.

P.S. If done with great music in the back ground makes for a pleasant experience.