Custom Blinds in different Colors and Patterns

  • We offer different variety of colors and patterns
  • 18 different patterns and looks
  • We have more than over 72 options for your custom blinds

Some interior designers will recommend you to change your window decoration (i.e. custom blinds) twice a year – in the summer and in the winter. The spring / summer seasonal version should be lighter and breezy and the autumn / winter more solid and warm colored.

Of course it is entirely up to you whether you want to “play by the rules“ or not – but here are some recommendations for the vertical blinds suitable for each room of your house.

  • In the Bedroom

    The blinds are here to create coziness and comfort, therefore you can go for more solid textiles, to absorb the noise and to dim the light from the outside. Opt for neutral colors – beige, peach, gray, with a hint of gold.

  • In the Kitchen

    No need to go for expensive textiles in the kitchen. More important is, your custom blinds or vertical blind slip covers are easy to clean. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

  • In the Living Room

    Again the aim is to create coziness and comfort. You can opt for solid textiles. Be sure you match or complement the color of your custom blinds with cushions or day blankets on seats and couches.

  • In the Kids Room

    The perfect room in the house to splurge on bright colors and wild patterns, also for your custom blinds. Your child will study and memorize every single detail. Choose from 18 different patterns we offer to find your favorite.

What color do you like?

vertical blinds slip covers

Prospectors Golden Nugget

vertical blinds slip covers

Moody Blue Hyacinth

vertical blinds slip covers

Smoldering Burnt Wood

vertical blinds slip covers

Lovely Lipstick Red

vertical blinds slip covers

Subdued Orange Sunset

vertical blinds slip covers

Fresh Washed Linen

vertical blinds slip covers

Rich Warm Nutmeg

vertical blinds slip covers

Enchanted Forest Green

vertical blinds slip covers

Soft Lavender Fields

vertical blinds slip covers

Flamboyant Purple Orchid

vertical blinds slip covers

Shimmering Almond Dream

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